Travel Guide

Feilongling Western Restaurant

For coffee and tea; All kinds of wines from around the world. Open the buffet; Delicate western dishes. You can open restaurant in eating at the same time enjoy the beautiful open; 24-hour room servic
Business hours:07:00-23:00

Haikuotiankong Thai Restaurant

Provide coffee, tea, wine and other drinks, all over the world The supply of food, beautifully diet of Thai cuisine and southeast Asia. Restaurants in Thailand held different activities during the hol
Business hours:11:30—14:30, 17:30—21:30

Yundingge Chinese Restaurant

Absolutely enjoy the beauty of mountains and three sides surrounded by transparent glass, set more than one big box, the great gathering of Chinese style, serving coffee, tea and so on all kinds of wi
Business hours:11:30 - 21:30